CTfanman reminds us about Heat Sinks & Extrusions.

This month I’d like to remind everyone of our THERMAL SOLUTIONS capabilities. As you may recall, I toured the Thermal Solutions Division of YS Tech USA in Dec. 2013. And we have included a small sampling of available extrusion designs on our website [ https://ystechusa.com/heat-sinks/ ]. But, don’t be fooled by the limited selection. Our factory prefers to design / build what YOUR customer wants, not fill a catalog.

To this end, we prefer to assist in the design of the project and provide a complete SOLUTION for your customers. The foundation of the typical solution is the extrusion. If the solution dictates some other technology/process, other than a extrusion, our factory is also capable of producing: skived, vapo-chamber, high-aspect ratio, fan-sinks and other technologies as required. Just contact me and we can discuss the details.

We have reviewed what a “vapo-chamber” was in the past [see Jan 2013 Blog]. This time let’s review,

SkivedFin process

“skived” heat sinks. All you guys that have ever used a wood plane have an idea of what skiving is! Look at the photo on the right, you can see how the TOOL, skives or slices a very thin layer of material off the base and forms each layer right up next to the previous layer – forming the fins! Interesting stuff. This is one process used when very high-aspect ratio [the fins are very tall, thin and close together] heat sinks are needed.

SkivedFin HS close

Look at this close-up: We are able to see how the TOOL cuts the base material and forms the fin. I am amazed our factory is able to do this! I guess that’s what makes them the experts.

I have an idea of what you may be thinking, mainly – I don’t have any Heat sink customers! OK, let’s discuss that for a minute. As you recall, the majority of Heat Sinks start out being an EXTRUSION – well, extrusions ARE also a stand alone product! And they are used all over the place. Here’s some examples:

Heat sink extrusions example

Heat sink extrusions exampleautomobile diagram

Extruded light fixture        Photo cell mounting rails

The far right photo shows example places on an automobile where XTRUSIONS are used. It’s probably too small to read the detail very well, but YOU get the idea. Like I said, EXTRUSIONS ARE USED ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Here’s the point: think EXTRUSION not just Heat Sinks – you just may find a bunch more business out there!

Good Luck …