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Aluminum extruded heat sinks are durable, lightweight, and exhibit good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation for efficient cooling. The lightweight construction won’t weigh your equipment down and makes the heat sinks easier to install.  High-efficiency cooling prevents overheating while keeping energy costs low.

These characteristics and properties are why many manufacturers use aluminum heat sink extrusions for their electronic and lighting equipment. Choosing a custom heat sink provides the added benefit of getting the exact shape and dimensions needed for your electronics or lighting equipment. A better-fitting design translates to better cooling performance.

Lightweight and Efficient Heat Sinks Manufactured to Your Specifications

Y.S. Tech USA is your best partner in efficient and reliable cooling and ventilation solutions. A combination of innovation, high-precision machinery, and flexible manufacturing practices has made us a well-known brand name nationally and internationally.

Our engineers are well-versed in troubleshooting complex cooling issues for the entertainment industry and other applications.  We manufacture custom extruded heat sinks to print and have the expertise to develop solutions for specific application and performance requirements. Optional finishes like anodizing provide corrosion resistance for applications where moisture is a concern.

Quick responses and fast cycle times keep your project on schedule. A strong commitment to quality materials and manufacturing ensures your heat sink extrusions meet or exceed industry standards.

Style, Material, and Finish Options for Aluminum Extruded Heat Sinks

We manufacture aluminum extruded heat sinks from AL 6063 and AL 6061. Typical sizes range from 19mm to 482mm, depending on your cooling requirements. Select from any of the following surface finishes for aesthetic purposes and improved wear and corrosion resistance.

  1. Sandblasting
  2. Hairline finishing
  3. Aluminum anodizing
  4. Electro-less nickel plating
  5. Anti-oxidation
  6. Chromate

Other processes we offer include soldering, punching, skiving, and CNC machining. As a versatile, full-service manufacturer, we also offer a range of other heat sink styles to meet your needs.

Discuss Your Heat Sink Extrusion Design with Our Engineers

We are a trusted custom extruded heat sink manufacturer serving customers across all industries. Submit your design to initiate the quote process or contact us to discuss your application requirements with one of our qualified engineers.


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