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Y.S. Tech U.S.A. provides high-performance AC fans and DC fans for a broad range of industries and applications. Our brushless DC fans feature cross flow ventilation for cooling computer equipment, sensitive electronics, and other industrial applications. Sizes range from 25mm to 172mm offering airflow up to 464.0 CFM and speed up to 20000 RPM.

Our AC fans are axial fans providing variable airflow for everything ranging from electronics to wind tunnel fans. Sizes range from 80mm to 254mm with airflow up to 1424.0 CFM and speed up to 3200 RPM.

In addition to offering standard AC fan and DC fan sizes, we use simulation, prototyping, CAD modeling, and contact analysis to develop customized and cost-effective thermal management solutions. Contact our engineers today to discuss cooling management options for your application.

Industrial Industry AC Fans and DC Fans

The industrial industry covers a broad spectrum of industries, including Welding and Manufacturing Equipment, Food Service, Automation, and Refrigeration. There are several types of equipment used in these applications that require DC fans and AC fans to provide enough cooling to prevent equipment malfunction. Exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, and other factors also present challenges in keeping cooling systems operational.

We design and manufacture AC fans in sizes up to 172mm and DC fans in sizes up to 254mm to meet a range of high-temperature industrial cooling needs. Our customization capabilities include waterproofing and modifying wire and circuit board configurations to accommodate demanding environments and provide a long operating life.

Alternative Energy Industry DC Fans

The rapidly growing alternative energy industry includes solar panels and wind turbines that require cooling for battery packs, energy storage units, inverters and other components and equipment. Our DC fans for alternative energy applications come in standard sizes from 40mm-172mm and provide airflow up to 275.6 CFM and speeds up to 7000 RPM.

The durable construction and energy-efficient design provide low noise, high-efficiency cooling, along with long operating life and an affordable price. Present us with your cooling challenges, and we will manufacture a DC fan that meets your environmental and operational needs.

Automotive Industry DC Fans

From seat ventilation and mobile refrigeration units to multimedia entertainment systems, navigation units, amplifiers, air fresheners and more, DC fans are a critical component of automotive manufacturing. Our fans provide high reliability and a wide operating temperature and voltage range to prevent electronics and other devices from overheating.

In addition to offering a wide range of standard fan sizes and speeds, we have the capability to custom manufacture DC fan prototypes and parts with the characteristics required to meet your unique automotive thermal management challenges.

Entertainment Lighting Industry DC Fans

The entertainment industry uses various types of floodlights, spotlights, moving headlights, and other types of high-intensity lighting that generate significant amounts of heat. Cooling the equipment sometimes presents challenges, as these lights are often exposed to moisture and other environmental conditions. Entertainment lighting also requires low noise cooling that provides large volumes of airflow.

We have experience manufacturing IP rated fans of various sizes for the entertainment lighting industry. Our solutions include standard and custom DC fans and heat sinks that offer reliable, low-noise performance, even in harsh environments and operating temperatures up to 90°C (194°F).

Power Conversion Industry DC Fans

Growing demands for clean and renewable energy result in an increased demand for power conversion equipment. Like other electronics, this equipment requires powerful, energy efficient cooling to prevent overheating and keep power conversion systems operational.

Our DC fans come in several sizes and provide the speed control, energy efficiency, and long operating life you need at a lower price than other off-the-shelf cooling solutions. Customization allows you to add environmental protection options and modify the fan design to meet your requirements. Standard power conversion DC fan options include 40-60mm fans for personal and light industrial use and 60-172mm fans for commercial level projects and solar applications.

Contact Us for Industrial AC Fans and DC Fans

Y.S. Tech provides high-efficiency AC Fans and DC fans in standard and custom designs to meet all your thermal management needs. We have the technology and expertise to handle complex design challenges and offer prototyping services

Contact our engineers to discuss your thermal management application.