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DC fans provide variable airflow for cooling string inverters used with solar panels and pure sine wave inverters used in small scale wind turbines. Alternative energy DC fans are the perfect solution for energy-saving applications because they have a quiet operation and use up to 70% less power than AC fans. They also produce minimal electromagnetic interference for use in and around sensitive electronic devices.

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Some of the typical uses for alternative energy DC fans include:

  • Battery Chargers
  • AC/DC Inverters
  • Portable Power Banks

Resolving Customer Issues with Alternative Energy DC Fans

Solar panels turn sunlight into DC energy, which is stored in batteries. Alternative energy storage inverters then convert the DC electricity into usable AC electricity. Energy DC fans are used to cool inverters and other energy storage components to prevent overheating that can reduce its efficiency and longevity.

An inverter manufacturer and long-time client contacted our engineers requesting a small footprint alternative energy DC fan that provided twice the airflow as fans they previously ordered from us. The fans we were supplying to them were already an industry leader in terms of performance, so our team was curious as to why they needed increased airflow. We attempted to get more information from the client and, after conducting extensive research, provided a quote for the new fans.

It turned out that a different manufacturer was supplying them with the high-airflow fans they requested, but at a much lower price than what we quoted. The issue, however, was that the fans from the other manufacturer were showing inferior results in accelerated aging tests. The fans also produced significantly less airflow than what the manufacturer specified. We provided a solution, and the client replaced all the energy DC fans with models from Y.S. Tech U.S.A.

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Alternative Energy DC Fans Engineered for High Performance

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. is a leading manufacturer of DC fans for alternative energy and other industries requiring a high-efficiency cooling solution with a compact design. Our DC axial fans for alternative energy feature a brushless motor, UL-rated components, and durable housing that withstands a wide operating temperature range.

We conduct extensive testing and analysis of all our products to ensure exceptional performance in a range of thermal management applications. Our engineers also help clients design and manufacture custom energy DC fans for cooling applications that present unique challenges.

Our DC axial fans for alternative energy applications provide airflow up to 275.6 CFM and operate at speeds up to 7000 RPM, depending on the model or size selected.

Learn More About Our Alternative Energy DC Fans

T.S. Tech U.S.A. manufactures standard and custom AC fans and DC fans in a broad range of sizes and airflow rates to meet your application needs. Browse our standard products for additional technical specifications or contact us to discuss our custom energy DC fan solutions.