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Axial fans feature a brushless DC motor that provides low noise, high-performance cooling while using up to 70% less energy than an AC fan. DC automotive fans and blowers use variable airflow to effectively cool electronic devices and produce minimal electromagnetic interference.
Automotive industry fans provide cooling and thermal management for various types of electronics and equipment, including:
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  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Automotive Computer Systems
  • Battery Cooling Systems
  • Car Seat Cooling & Heating Systems
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • LED Headlights
  • Mobile Refrigeration Units
  • Multimedia Entertainment Systems
  • Telematics Systems

Automotive Blowers for Audio Equipment and Electronics

One of our clients, a manufacturer of automotive audio and infotainment systems, approached our engineers seeking a cooling solution for a high-power compact amplifier. The amplifier had impressive features and performance but also generated excessive amounts of heat that impacted its performance and durability.

Our challenge was developing an automotive blower that provided enough cooling while protecting the electronic components from dust and electrical interference.   After reviewing a few concepts with the client’s engineering team, we performed a comprehensive thermal system simulation to identify the exact characteristics needed to achieve their cooling goals.

The engineers at Y.S. Tech developed a high-performance axial fan prototype and custom heat sink that, when tested, performed within a few percentages of the ideal values given by the simulation. The client decided to spec out fan into their design, and we provided supplemental documentation for their PPAP. Read more about this case study

We have the technology and expertise to create customized automotive cooling solutions that meet your unique requirements. Contact our engineers to discuss custom automotive industry fan options.

Axial Fans for Automotive Manufacturing Applications

Y.S. Tech has extensive experience working in the North American and European automotive markets. Our core technologies include CFD simulations, Psycho-Acoustic Analysis, and Multi-function Control Systems used to develop automotive blowers for a range of applications.

We manufacture axial fans in a variety of standard sizes and models and provide custom automotive blowers to meet your performance requirements. All our automotive axial fans come standard with UL-rated P.B.T. blades and housing, UL-rated lead wire, and precision bearings for durability and performance.

Audio and infotainment DC automotive fans provide airflow up to 33.8 CFM, depending on the size and model selected.

Headlight and lighting DC automotive blowers provide airflow up to 33.68 CFM, depending on the size and model selected.

Seat heating & cooling system automotive blowers provide airflow up to 275.6 CFM, depending on the size and model selected.

Learn More About Our Axial Fans for Automotive Thermal Management

Axial fans from Y.S. Tech provide a high-performance, energy efficient, and low noise solution for automotive cooling and thermal management applications. Our customization options for automotive industry fans include modifying circuit designs and lead wire length, adding brackets and components, and more.

Contact us to learn more about our axial fans and other automotive manufacturing solutions.