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Even cool-running car amplifiers generate some heat during operation. If this heat isn’t appropriately dissipated, you risk overheating the circuitry and ruining your amp. Installing a car amp fan near the amplifier’s heat sink prevents this issue by directing heat away from electrical components. These fans use forced-air cooling to deliver the right amount of airflow to protect your car audio amplifiers from damage.

Most car audio amplifiers require a 40mm DC fan, though some applications require a different size. Whatever you need, we have the right cooling solutions for your car amps and other automotive components.

High-Performance Car Audio Amplifier Cooling Solutions

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. works with OEMs and manufacturers across the automotive industry to provide high-performance cooling solutions for everything from audio amplifiers to LED headlights. Our 40mm car audio amplifier fans are constructed of durable UL 94V-O P.B.T. plastic and feature UL1007 #26AWG lead wire. We use Sintetico bearings to provide smooth operation long-term with minimal maintenance.

Other features and benefits of our DC car audio amplifier fans include:

  • Compact sizes
  • Low noise brushless motor
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Engineered for a long operating life

Standard DC fan models come in a range of options delivering airflow up to 33.68 CFM and operating at speeds up to 23,500 RPM. If you need custom car audio amp fans, our engineers can help discover the best solution for your application.  We’ll work off an existing design or help you troubleshoot your cooling challenges with a custom car amp cooling fan. Send our team a quick message to start the discussion.

Cool Your Car Amps Effectively with 40mm DC Fans from Y.S. Tech U.S.A.

Get the high performance and efficient cooling you need with 40mm car amplifier DC fans from Y.S. Tec U.S.A.  Find your ideal solution, then submit a quote request for pricing and ordering. Or contact us to discuss your unique application requirements.