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LED lighting remains cool to the touch, but the internal components generate significant amounts of heat. Without efficient thermal management, the temperature of the LED components rises continuously, causing a decrease in forward voltage and lumen output. These changes decrease the brightness and efficiency of LED lighting and affect the operating lifetime.
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Heat sinks play an essential role in LED lighting by creating a path for heat transfer and dissipation. Without these panels, heat cannot escape and may cause lighting equipment damage or overheating. LED light cooling fans are a critical heat sink component that absorbs and dissipates heat while providing adequate air circulation for cooling.

Entertainment lighting cooling fans help increase output and extend the operating life of LED lights by providing DC powered variable airflow and ventilation to keep components cool. When paired with the right heat sink design, LED light cooling fans help extend the operating life of your lighting equipment. This case study is an example of when Y.S. Tech’s engineers used their expertise to provide a safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective solution to cooling entertainment lighting.

Waterproof LED Cooling Fans for High-Performance Entertainment Lighting

A major entertainment lighting OEM contacted Y.S. Tech to design a cooling system for a new line of waterproof and water-resistant floodlights, spotlights, wash lights, and moving headlights. The client needed an LED light cooling fan that could effectively dissipate heat from high-intensity lights while operating in an airtight, waterproof casing.

We found that cooling the entertainment lighting while it was submerged in water was relatively easy because the water helped control the temperature. Cooling the light while it was out of the water, however, presented the challenge of moving enough air to cool the components while producing minimal noise. The client found IP rated fans that met these requirements but cost significantly more than non-IP rated LED light cooling fans.

Y.S. Tech’s engineers used their analysis and manufacturing expertise to recommend entertainment lighting cooling fans that offered reliable, high-performance cooling and moisture resistance at a significantly lower price. Read more about this case study.

Entertainment Lighting Cooling Fans Improve LED Operation and Efficiency

Our DC fans are energy efficient and reduce minimal electromagnetic interference for use in electronics and other sensitive devices. All fans feature UL-rated housing, blades and wires to provide the durability needed for a long life expectancy and worry-free operation. Y.S. Tech’s low noise design and variable airflow make our LED light cooling fans ideal for any entertainment lighting application.

Entertainment lighting cooling fans provide airflow up to 464.0 CFM, depending on the model and size selected.

Learn More About LED Light Cooling Fans for the Entertainment Industry

Y.S. Tech designs and manufactures AC fans and DC fans in various sizes to meet a range of thermal management requirements. In addition to standard sizes, we offer custom sizing and features to accommodate the needs of unique cooling challenges.

Contact us for assistance finding the right entertainment lighting cooling fan for your application.