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DC fans feature a brushless motor and provide variable airflow for efficient cooling. Industrial grade axial fans produce less electromagnetic interference and lower noise than AC fans and use up to 70% less power for maximum energy savings. DC axial fans are typically more compact than AC fans and are used for cooling various types of equipment used across a broad range of

Industrial applications. Some of the common uses for DC fans include:

  • Computer & Electronic Equipment
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Factory Automation Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Printer and Copier Equipment
  • Exercise & Sports Equipment

Manufacturing High-Performance Industrial Grade Axial fans for Harsh Environments

One of our Industrial Manufacturing Equipment clients approached us seeking a DC fan that could withstand exposure to inclement weather outdoors and harsh manufacturing environments. Factors that affect mechanical products in these environments include temperature, water, vibration, and others that cause damage and premature wear.

We partnered with their engineers to conduct accelerated life testing in a controlled environment to address target areas that had been failure points in the past. Measurement and analysis included addressing exposure to water and contaminants that get drawn into the motor bearings and ensuring motor reliability at high temperatures.

The process provided an opportunity for both companies to learn together and ultimately develop robust and market-specific products that evolve into the next generation of enhancements.

Read more about this case study.

Identifying Issues with Industrial Axial Fans Purchased from Other Manufacturers

An inverter manufacturer and long-time client contacted our engineers requesting a fan that provided twice the airflow as DC fans they previously ordered from us. Their previous fans were already an industry leader in terms of performance, so our team began extensive research and analysis to see what was needed to achieve this objective. After extensive research, we presented the client with a quote.

They advised us that another manufacturer was supplying them with the high-performance fans they needed, but at a lower price than what we quoted. The issue, however, was that the fans from the other manufacturer were showing inferior results in accelerated aging tests and producing airflow significantly less than what was listed in their specifications. The client stopped buying fans from our competitor and replaced all the DC fans with models from Y.S. Tech U.S.A.

Industrial DC Fans Provide Low-Noise, High-Efficiency Cooling

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. is an industry leader in manufacturing high-efficiency DC axial industrial fans for cooling electronic components and industrial equipment. We offer a broad range of standard sizes and can work with you to engineer to design a customized DC fan to meet your industrial application requirements.

All our industrial axial fans come standard with UL-rated P.B.T. blades and housing, UL-rated lead wire, and precision bearings for durability and performance. An operating temperature range of -20° to 80°C (-4° to 176°F) makes our fans an ideal option for a broad range of industrial applications. We test all fan designs to ensure low-noise operation, optimal cooling efficiency, and product longevity.

Industrial axial fans provide airflow up to 464.0 CFM, depending on the model and size selected. We recommend fans with lower airflow for standard applications and high-pressure, high-airflow DC fans for demanding applications.

Learn More About High-Efficiency Industrial Axial Fans

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. carries a wide range of standard industrial DC fans sizes and will work with you to design, test, and manufacture a customized solution to meet your exact cooling needs. Browse our product selection to request a quote or contact us to discuss your DC fan requirements with one of our application engineers.