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Cooling Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Our clients in the Industrial Manufacturing Equipment world were looking to improve welding component reliability in field applications that live in very harsh outdoor and manufacturing environments. The long-term reliability of the product does rely heavily on the integrity of the cooling system.  Key factors that affect mechanical products such as environment, temperature, water, and vibration are just a few of the hurdles they needed to overcome.  In collaboration with the engineering team and reliability engineers, we engaged in defining the environmental requirements for accelerated life testing in a controlled test environment.  Then one by one we address the target areas that had been failure points in the past.  The customer brings their system expertise to the table and YS TECH brings our fan manufacturing expertise together for solutions that can be applied to the component and get the customer to a solution that will meet their needs for the given application.

motor packaging partsMotor packaging is a very important and the base starting point for overcoming the harsh environment demands, that also leads right into weather proofing as well.  We offer various levels of improvement depending on your application and environment.  These upgrades range from IP43 to IP68 levels.   Not only are we addressing water but also all of the are air born contaminants that get drawn into the motor/bearings.  Temperature ratings are on the rise as well, being able to increase the high-end points past 70C and into the 90C (or more) range while still maintaining good reliability, is also very important.  Using our industry knowledge and decades of work in various industries we can adopt the right solution for your design.  Circuit development and integration are very common request too, with high tech electronics making their way into all industrial products we can help make the fan controls and compatibility be much easier on your software and system engineers.  Making a part comply with your design requirements is a possibility versus getting a standard product that may not be inline with the system design.screen with data

The process is an opportunity for both companies to learn together and ultimately develop products that evolve into the next generation of enhancements.  Rather than trial and error, or going down another avenue to see IF there might be something different or better to try, we invest the time to get solutions that we know will work and get to the end goal, 100% customer satisfaction.

There are so many different characteristics that can be addressed within a design to optimize a standard commercial part into something more robust and market-specific.  This is a key strength for YS TECH, we bring experience, technical support, and quick turn engineering to greatly enhance the design process and help improve time to market on new designs.