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Cooling is a critical part of electronic equipment design. Without enough airflow, electronic components will overheat, causing equipment failure. Variables such as electromagnetic interference, vibration, and size are also essential considerations in selecting the proper cooling fans for your electronic equipment.

Wholesale and Custom AC & DC Cooling Fans Engineered for High Performance

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. manufactures ultra-compact AC and DC cooling fans for electronic equipment. Our lightweight fans feature diecast aluminum housings and UL-rated thermoplastic blades that deliver essential forced-air cooling to prevent overheating.  From standard, in-stock options to prototypes and customized cooling fans for electronics equipment, we have the solution you need.

Select from wholesale cooling fans in standard sizes or work with our team to develop custom cooling fans for your electronic equipment.

Brushless DC Cooling Fans for Electronic Equipment

Our DC fans feature a brushless motor and produce variable airflow. Ultra-quiet operation and low electromagnetic interference make them ideal for computers and other sensitive electronics. DC fans are more energy efficient than AC fans and are perform well in high-pressure and high airflow applications.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, our DC cooling fans have a wide operating temperature range and are tested for resistance against moisture, water, sand, and other contaminants. Customize your DC fan with IP44, IP55, and IP67 environmental sealing to further improve protection. Standard sizes range from 25mm to 172mm. Our largest model produces airflow up to 464.0 CFM.

Axial AC Cooling Fans for Electronics Equipment

AC fans produce high, constant, and even airflow for effective forced-air cooling. Their low-noise operation and minimal vibration makes them suitable for various types of electronics applications.  We offer wholesale AC cooling fans for electronic equipment in standard sizes ranging from 80mm-264mm. Our largest model produces airflow up to 1424 CFM.

How Much Cooling Do You Need? Considerations for Selecting A Fan

Calculating the amount of cooling required for your electronic components is an essential step in the design process. Considering these and other factors early on can help eliminate cooling challenges further down the road.

  • Thermal Profile & Required Airflow: To prevent components from overheating, you need the right fan. Calculate how much heat the components and overall system generate, then create a thermal profile. This profile will help you identify hot spots and determine the amount of airflow needed to cool the device effectively.
  • Acoustics: All the AC and DC fans we manufacture provide low-noise operation, but some styles are quieter than others. Consider your application and how noise from the fan and other components may impact the operator or operating environment. Electronics used for hospital patient care, for example, require a quieter fan than equipment sitting in a server room.
  • Size: We specialize in compact AC and DC cooling fans for electronics equipment. The fan size needed for your cooling application depends on equipment size and required airflow. The larger the fan, the more airflow generated.

We’re a Trusted Manufacturer of Cooling Fans for Electronic Equipment


Y.S. Tech U.S.A. helps OEMs across various industries find the best solution for their cooling challenges. Select an option from the products listed above or send us a message to discuss your cooling challenges with an engineer.