Automotive Industry Applications

Y.S. TECH U.S.A. expertise in fan design has produced a line of high output fans well suited for Telecommunication applications such as

  • 1. System Chassis
  • 2. Fast Ethernet Switch
  • 3. Service Gateway
  • 4. VoIP Product
  • 5. Network Storage System (NAS) and Server system

We provide custom designed solutions in the Telecom markets of Asia, Europe, and North America. We have a broad understanding of the global telecommunications market. Y.S. TECH’s Xtreme Series is a line of fans that have been designed with a unique flow pattern that has overcome the low pressure boundaries that effect traditional axial fans. The stationary and dual rotor fans made by Y.S. TECH have high torque motors, more robust bearing systems and internal motor structure that provides high end performance and reliability for applications with high impedance. Sound quality is always a concern too and we can offer many options to better manage and achieve those goals. For More detail Printable PDF Version

Advantages for Telecommunications Equipment

High operating voltage:

  • Max. operating voltage 75VDC for 48VDC rated.
  • Max.operatingvoltage40VDC for 24VDC rated.

High Vcc input for control signal design by open collector circuit.

  • Multi-Function motor control
  • Thermostat control (NTC)
  • PWM with NTC hybrid control
  • Pulse Width Modulation control (PWM)
  • Customized design by program

Reversed Blade Design Increases Reliable

  • Ensures fan always operating in correct direction
  • Improved life, especially for chassis cooling application

Water / Dust Proof

Customized Fan-Tray design and CFD Analysis Service

Reduce Consonance, Vibration, and Reversed Electromotive Force.

Superior Quality and Highly Reliable

  • Surge voltage & Current overload protection
  • Soft Start up & Hot Swappable support
  • Redundancy protection design
  • Sustained rotating system and mechanical design

Customized Telecommunication Fan Design Service for Complete Thermal Solutions

For More Detail Printable PDF Version

A. DC Blowers    B. AC Fans and DC Fans
High torque motors with robust bearing systems Reverse-Blade Design different blade directions

C. Rack Mount Fan Tray
Reverse Blade Design utilizes different blade direction to exhaust air out for more reliability and safety when cooling fan is mounted on the top of the chassis.

D. Fast Ehternet Switch

E. Rack Mount UPS System
heat reduces telecom equipment life expectancy leading to increase outages.

F. System Chassis Cooling Solution
Designed with a unique flow pattern that overcomes low pressure boundries

G. Telecommunications Server Racks High quality and reliability with surge and current overload protection

H. Network Storage Systems
Custom design service providing a total thermal solution with special features for communications. Soft Start Up and Hot Swappable Support with sustained rotating system.