YS Tech USA details new Trio of HYW cooling fan models!

New model trio affords much higher CFM and pressures offered than in the recent past.

You loyal readers of our Blogs will remember … way back in August of 2014 we introduced what was then a completely new cooling fan model within the HYW model series. It was so new, it did not have a complete PN, but we temporarily  labeled it the new YS model 40x20mm fan. A lot has happened since then and now I can provide you details of this, what’s turned out to be TRIO, of new HYW04020 models, specifically:

HYW04020012BV-EAH-12, HYW04020012BW-EAH-12 and HYW04020012BX-EAH-12.

As you might guess, there are three different speeds. And what speeds they are: 17000, 18000 & 19000 RPM! You may be wondering why do this, when the XYW04028 models have been the go-to high-Performance model for years. Well, notice the HYW models are 20mm thick while the XYW is 28mm. As you can imagine, there are designs out there that can not tolerate that extra ~ 1/3 of an inch in additional thickness. Pick any speed you need, they are all the same price!

Let’s look at the basic specs of these new models together with some competitors:

40x40x20 12 17000 20.24 32.18 60000 YS Tech
40x40x20 12 18000 21.41 35.99 60000 YS Tech
40x40x20 12 19000 22.59 40.01 60000 YS Tech
40x40x20 12 16000 14.8 32.5 40000 Sanyo
40x40x20 12 15600 20.56 35.16 ????* Delta
40x40x20 12 13000 14.48 21.3 100000 NMB

*Not listed on the Delta Specification.

As you can quickly see, there is not much competition – especially when you become aware of YS Tech USA’s willingness to tailor on-shore warehousing and delivery to most any defined need.

YS Tech used the time between 2014 and present to gain full approvals on these models: UL, CUL and TUV. Complete specifications are available for the asking and samples will be available shortly.

So what have we learned?

  1. YS Tech has a TRIO of new design, microcontroller based, high-performance fans in one of the most popular sizes in the Medical, Telecommunications and Power management industries.
  2. Their critical specifications not only compare favorably to the European and Far Eastern manufacturers, but currently they’re in the lead.
  3. These new cooling fans are available for immediate sampling, with complete specs and industry approvals.

We are very excited about our new offerings and I would be happy to discuss any details or answer any questions you cooling fan experts may have. Just give me a call …