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48VDC Fan Design


48VDC design is available in fan sizes 60×25, 80x25mm, 80×32, 92x25mm, 92x32mm, 120x25mm, 120x32mm, and 120x38mm. This 48VDC design is specially designed for compact application within the telecommunications market.

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IC Fan Function Support

Convenience Of Engineering Design

IC functions of alarm (high, low, high-low), tachometer, thermistor speed control are available to be added to Y.S. TECH DC fans upon customer’s requests. Any fan can be equipped with your choice of any two of the above functions as a 4-wire fan.

Waterproof Fan Coating Options

The Tough Fan For The Harsh Environment

Every Y.S. Tech two-ba II bearing fan, upon request, can be coated as waterproof fans. Three levels of environmental protection are available: 1P55 (protected against powerful water jets), IP 44 (protected against water splash), and IP 43 (protected against water shower or high humidity environment).

Thermostat Fan Technology

The Perfect Fan For Energy Conservation

The Thermostat Fan is ideally suited for a “Green” computer application. The fan does not rotate until the ambient temperature reaches a customer selected temperature level. At that point, the fan turns on, running at 40% of maximum speed/RPM. As the temperature rises, the speed of the fan increases. The customer can specify the temperature level for maximum speed as well as the temperature for initial turn on.

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