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Axial fans from Y.S. Tech U.S.A. are manufactured to be durable, yet lightweight to provide optimal fan cooling efficiency. In these larger size fans we offer shaded pole motors, inner rotor motors and EC motors.

Select the appropriate size option to request a quote for axial fan pricing or contact us to discuss features and customization options.

Understanding Airflow Impedance for AC Fans

Sufficient airflow is imperative for providing proper cooling efficiency, but the design of an enclosure can result in restricted airflow commonly referred to as airflow impedance. The commonly overlooked issue of system impedance not only alters the efficiency of your cooling but can increase power consumption as AC fans are forced to work harder to provide sufficient cooling. Axial fans that are overworked also product more heat, which can counteract any cooling being produced by the fan. Airflow impedance can also result in a buildup of heat in specific areas (“hot spots”) while other areas of your system may be overcooled. Loss of fan cooling efficiency from system impedance can be caused by a range of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Fan obstruction caused by components or system design
  • Excess cables blocking airflow
  • Filtration systems obstructing cool air
  • Odd or irregular layouts that impede air flow
  • The use of pressure vs. suction for heat dissipation and air distribution

To prevent airflow impedance that can lead to increased power use and potential equipment overheating or malfunction, it is important to regularly examine and resolve any airflow issues in your cooling system.

Order Axial Fans for Your Cooling Requirements

With the right AC fan and a properly designed cooling system, you can protect computers and other electronic components from overheating. Contact us to learn more about our axial fans in a range of sizes or request a quote for your AC fan today.

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