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AC fans are used to provide forced air cooling that helps remove the heat generated by Electro- mechanical components. Y.S. Tech U.S.A. provides axial fans in five size options ranging from 80x25 mm to 92x38mm.

Select the size appropriate for your thermal management application to request a quote for pricing or contact us for additional information.

Considerations When Selecting an Axial Fan for Heat Absorption

Size is an important consideration in selecting axial fans for your thermal management application but in addition to that, knowing the operating temperature range for your application and the amount of heat dissipated are key factors in selecting the correct AC fan. Steps for determining your operating temperature range are as follows:

  • Use temperature sensors to determine how much heat your system generated under various operating conditions, then use that information to create a thermal profile.
  • Determine your system’s air impedance, which will aid in selecting a fan size and air flow requirements for optimum heat absorption.
  • Use the maximum permissible temperature and amount of heat generated to calculate the amount of airflow required to effectively cool your system.

After determining the operating temperature range, you need to determine the system’s allowable temperature range and how many watts of heat are dissipated during operation. Knowing your system’s air impedance and acoustic specifications are also important and finally. Once you have all of the thermal requirements, the final step is to measure the dimensions of the area where the AC fan will be installed. This information will then be used to select an axial fan that matches your system requirements.

Learn More About Fans for Forced Air Cooling

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. provides a range of options up to 160-254mm for your industrial cooling applications. For additional product and sizing information, see our overview page for axial flow AC fans and contact us if you have any questions.

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