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Specs for Centrifugal Blower Fans

Our DC blowers are offered in 71-120mm size ranges that can be used for a wide range of applications including medical, automotive, printing and more. Features of our 71-120mm blowers include:

  • 97x33mm BW DC Blower Fans: provides airflow of 25.6~32.4 CFM with static pressure of 22.1~28.1 mm H2O. Constructed from UL 94V0 P.B.T. safety-rated plastic blades and housing, and UL1007 #24 AWG lead wire.
  • 120x32mm BW DC Blowers: has an airflow of 23.0~47.5 CFM and static pressure range of 8.0~41.7 mm H2O. Features UL-rated 94V0 P.B.T. plastic blades and housing with UL1007 #22 AWG lead wire.

Select one of the sizing options below to request a quote for a DC blower that matches your requirements or contact us to learn more.

DC Fan Blowers Featuring Sintetico Bearings for Increased Reliability

Blowers from Y.S. Tech U.S.A. feature our Sintetico bearings that are designed to provide greater reliability than systems with traditional sleeve bearings. Our bearings feature a magnetic field that makes the shaft run smoother and a dynamic pressure field that decreases the probability of the bearing contact with the shaft. The oil leakage prevention mechanism also provides an added benefit of ensuring proper lubrication to prevent shaft damage during fan startup.

The Sintetico bearings used in our DC industrial blower fans have undergone various acoustic, temperature and drop tests to ensure durability and reliability and when used with our other mechanical components, provide superior sound quality and up to 50,000 hours of operational life at elevated temperatures.

Learn More About Our Industrial Blower Fans with Sintetico Bearings

Our DC blowers are available in 71-120mm and 50-80mm size ranges and feature UL-rated housing, blades and lead wire for safety and reliability. Request a quote for industrial blowers today or contact us for additional information about custom DC blower solutions.

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