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DC Fans 30mm NYW

How Do DC Fans Work?

DC fans operate by drawing in a direct current to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The direct current motor of a DC fan has an electromagnetic inductor made from iron and wire coil. The inductor produces a rotating magnetic field that causes the motor to move in a rotating motion. This motion then generates a variable air flow that is effective for cooling and ventilating various types of equipment and devices.

Variable Flow DC Fans for Cooling and Ventilation

DC fans from Y.S. Tech U.S.A. are constructed of UL 94V-0 P.B.T. blades and housings with precision steel bearings and UL 1571 #28AWG wire. The brushless DC fan motor provides quiet operation without sacrificing performance and operated on low voltage for energy savings.

Our DC fans are compact, lightweight, and used for a range of applications including automotive, medical, and power conversion and storage. View the DC fan options below for additional product specifications and to request a quote. If you have additional questions regarding our DC fan sizes and options, please contact us.

DC Fans

Additional specifications for our 30x10 NYW DC fans:

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 9g
  • Airflow: 2.5~4.0 CFM
  • Static pressure: 2.0~5.2mm-H2O
  • Speed: 5800-10000 RPM

Additional specifications for our 30x15 NYW DC fans:

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Airflow: 3.8~6.1 CFM
  • Static pressure: 2.8~7.1mm-H2O
  • Speed: 7000-11500 RPM

DC Fans for Power Conversion and Energy Storage Applications

Power conversion and storage systems for solar panels require cooling for various components including sealed inverters, converters, distribution panels, battery storage systems, and more. DC fans from Y.S. Tech U.S.A. are ideal because they are compact and operate off DC power generated by the solar panel equipment. Our DC fans for power conversion and storage systems are also lightweight, easy to install and can be used for small and large solar power systems.

Contact us for High Performance DC Fans and More

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. provides DC fans in a wide range of sizes with customization options available for your unique power conversion applications. Contact us today to discuss options or request a quote for the DC fan that meets your requirements.

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