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DC fans provide single direction air flow and are used for a range of industrial DC fan cooling applications including telecommunications, automotive and mechanical equipment. Their sturdy construction provides long-lasting durability and the lightweight design and DC motor provide smooth and efficient operation.

Energy Efficient DC Fans for Power Conservation

Y.S. Tech USA manufactures DC fans for cooling a variety of industrial and commercial equipment. Our DC fans are made from durable materials and are up to 70% more efficient than AC fans for effective power conservation.

General specifications for our 40mm DC fans are as follows:

  • Blade and Housing Material: UL 94V-O P.B.T. plastic
  • Lead Wire Material: UL1007 #26AWG
  • Bearings: Ball bearing, Sintetico bearing or sleeve bearing, depending on DC fan selected

Request a quote for the DC fan that meets your size and operating needs or contact us to discuss your custom industrial DC fan requirements.

Learn More About our DC Fans and Other Airflow Solutions

Y.S. Tech USA offers DC fans in a wide variety of sizes to meet your heating, cooling and general airflow needs. Find the high-performance DC fan that meets your power conservation requirements or contact us to discuss options and customization.

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