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92mm brushless DC fans operate on a direct current and provide variable airflow for a range of cooling applications. DC fans provide up to 70% more efficiency than AC fans and have low electromagnetic interference for use in electronics and other sensitive devices.

High performance 92mm axial fans are used in various types of commercial and industrial applications including computers, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, automotive electronics, and much more. They have a long operating life and can be used in either low pressure or high-pressure applications.

92MM Brushless DC Fans for High Efficiency Cooling

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. manufactures 92mm axial fans in several sizes to accommodate standard applications and those requiring high level performance. We provide 91mm case fans with airflow ranging from 45.8 CFM to 195.5 CFM and operating speeds up to 10000 RPM. All models feature durable housing and blades made from UL-rated 94V-0 P.B.T thermoplastic and precision bearings.

Considerations for selecting a 92mm DC fan include equipment size, the amount of heat generated by the equipment, and required airflow. View the product specifications below to learn more about our 92mm axial fans or contact us to request information about customization options.

Learn More About Our 92MM Case Fans and Other Cooling Solutions

Y.S. Tech U.S.A. manufactures DC fans and AC axial fans for a broad range of thermal management applications. Our case fans are offered in several sizes with an option to customize based on your requirements. Contact us to learn more

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