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YS Tech Thermal Solutions

DC Fans, Heatsinks, Blowers & More

YS Tech designs, engineers, and manufactures a full line of thermal management products, including DC fans, heat sinks, blowers, and other high performance devices. Built with our philosophy of Innovation, Quality, and Efficiency in mind, our thermal solutions deliver powerful and dependable performance in a wide range of applications.

Contact YS Tech USA for more information on our thermal solutions, or find your local distributor to place an order.

High Performance DC Fans

YS Tech’s DC brushless fans deliver outstanding efficiency and reliability, along with low-noise performance. Our DC fans are the perfect solution for a variety of cooling applications.

DC Brushless Blower Fans

Our centrifugal blowers are available in a variety of standard models, as well as customized versions that are tailored to your specifications. We have the right DC brushless blower fan for your application.

Heat Sinks

We manufacture custom heatsinks that are designed and built to meet our customers’ performance and application requirements. We provide high performance custom heatsinks in fast turnarounds.

Axial Flow AC Fans

Manufactured from durable, lightweight materials, YS Tech’s axial AC fans provide superior performance and long working life. Multiple options available to give you the ideal AC fan for your cooling needs.

Cross Flow Fans

Available in a range of sizes and in DC and AC versions, our cross flow fans are versatile and effective thermal management solutions. Contact us to discuss your cross flow fan requirements.

Power Cords & Accessories

Our selection of power cord options includes 3-conductor cords, IEC cords, and more. We also offer fan guards and other high quality accessories for our AC fans and thermal management products.

Your Thermal Solutions Partner

YS Tech USA is your best partner for developing a thermal solution that meets your system needs. With advanced engineering capabilities, we work with our customers to develop effective solutions that provide exceptional performance, acoustics, and reliability for all applications. We are a total solutions provider, offering full-system thermal design, testing, production, and logistics.

We utilize flow simulations and motor simulations for optimal designs, and state-of-the-art flow chambers for precision testing. We use Flowtherm fluid dynamics simulation software in our design processes to accurately predict airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment. HEAD Acoustic Systems are used for acoustical evaluations.

Time is always a factor in development cycles, and we take pride in our ability to quickly deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs. In-house 3D/CAD modeling and prototyping capabilities help us provide fast turnarounds on custom projects. Efficient production processes, quick turnarounds, and competitive pricing give us a distinct advantage over the competition.

Contact Us for Effective Thermal Solutions

With hundreds of patented designs and well-earned reputation for quality and consistency, YS Tech USA is the only source you need for DC fans, heat sinks, and other high performance thermal management products. Contact us or find your local distributor to place an order or for more information.